Every client’s challenge is unique, and so is our approach. No matter how many examples we provide, or what we might say to convince you of the quality of our work, those who say it best are those who have already received our services. MPS Communications is a team of skilled marketing, design and communications professionals who collaborate with you to provide high-quality services at an affordable cost.

Listening to our clients is what we do. It all comes down to what we communicate about our client’s brand: How we say it, Who we say it to, and What others say once they get your message.

Online Store
MPSOnline ordering system is the leading software solution for connecting corporate offices with their remote offices. Our system protects the integrity of your brand while controlling the cost of your print and distribution budget. MPSOnline simplifies the ordering and printing of your company’s printed materials, office supplies and promotional items. Our goal is to work with our clients to provide optimum warehousing, on-demand printing and fulfillment solutions.

Sending MPS Communications a file for your next strategic project


How To Send Us A File
MPS gives clients access to our FTP site for file sharing. It’s a way to increase productivity in a secure manner and still allow our clients access to all of the benefits that file sharing has to offer. Clients receive a direct link to the ftp site and a username and password. All clients have to do is to select file manager and add their file into the appropriate folder. It is that easy!

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