Digital Guides/eBooks

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Create interactive Digital books with audios and videos to provide a more relevant user experience to your targeted audience. We tailor content and design development to the unique characteristics of your employee population or consumer market segment. These customized digital books can be delivered in traditional print or through an interactive web-based platform.


Delivery Options:

  • Annual enrollment kits
  • New hire kits
  • Recruitment packets
  • Online/interactive digital books for your relevant communication

Pre-enrollment Communication Materials

MPS has created pre-enrollment communication materials to help guide individuals through the enrollment process and offer valuable benefit plan information.


  • Provides an easy reference tool for employees to access throughout the year
  • Reduces the number of enrollment-related questions
  • Improves employees’ understanding of benefit elections
  • Helps employees make educated benefit elections
  • Can be used as a tool to convey company mission, vision and values
  • Convenient resource for Human Resources/benefits staff to answer employee questions
  • Fulfills annual compliance notifications