Data Archiving

MPS Communications data archiving helps you transition to a more digital workplace

MPS Communications data archiving helps you transition to a more digital workplace. MPS offers clients the opportunity to convert paper-based or microfiche records into searchable PDF files. The conversion process can be conducted at the client site or off-site to help minimize interruptions to daily operations. Digitizing your documents with our imaging services will help reduce document storage costs and improve document retrieval times from hours to mere seconds.


MPS Communications provides unique value to organizations that need to create searchable PDF files of current and legacy records by offering:

  • An experienced Project Team that adapts to the variable conditions posed by each Data Archiving project.
  • Customized project plans to meet on-site and off-site implementation requirements.
  • Stringent Quality Assurance processes which ensures optimum accuracy of scanned files.
  • Proven record of delivering projects for clients on-time and within budget.
  • Secure/Compliant management of clients’ sensitive data.
  • Work seamlessly with client at on-site location or off-site as well

Features include:

  • Instant employee file access from your workstation PC by converting each employee folder into individual PDF files.
  • Find specific records within employee folder using the searchable PDF tool.
  • Eliminate manual retrieval and distribution of employee files for third party administrators and actuaries by providing them a unique secure access code to the data archived files.
  • Protect employee files from a catastrophic event such as fire or flood by backing up the digital files to a secure site.
  • Client documents can be scanned at the client’s location to allow the client to access their working files while MPS completes the project.